Trend-tech 3G Mobile Wireless-N Broadband Router 3GR001 Awarded by China Popular Computer Weekly with Editor’s Choice            Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As more and more devices are supporting wireless Internet broadband connection through 3G and WIFI, the wireless technology of 3G and WIFI are recognized by more and more end users. Please are sharing more than ever before from the advantage of wireless Internet Broadband connection at home and also at work. It becomes so free when you surf on the Internet when you don’t need to plug in the cable before you visit Internet.

Because of its technical advantage in the high speed mobility internet connection, 3G is for sure the future of the Mobile Broadband Internet Connection. You will be able to visit internet wherever there is Mobile phone signal, you can even visit Internet on a boat! Also in the Isolated Mountains!

As one of the leading suppliers of 3G Router and 3G Modem manufacturer in mainland China, Trend-tech focuses on offering our end users with the best 3G products which bring our end users with the joy of 3G wireless Internet Broadband Connection. Also, Trend-tech end users are able to share their friends and co-workers with the 3G Internet Broadband connection with our 3G Mobile Wireless N Broadband Router 3GR001.

And we are here proudly to announce that Trend-tech 3GR001 3G Mobile Wireless N Broadband Router has been awarded by the most professional and authoritative networking and computer testing media with the award of Editor’s Choice in the first quarter of 2011.

Trend-tech 3GR001 3G Mobile Wireless N Broadband Router has been recognized by so many mobile broadband end users since it is launched on the Chinese domestic market because of its advanced technology and stable performance: With 3G USB Modem embedded designed which enable you to connect to Internet through 3G and setup WIFI hotspot in Seconds via inserting your existing SIM card into the SIM Card slot of the product. 3GR001 supports multi 3G network including WCDMA/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/GSM/GPRS/EVDO and TD-SCDMA, with Max downloading speed of 7.2Mbps.  And it supports WIFI LAN speed of 150Mbps which enables you to share your 3G Internet connection via 150Mbp WIFI Wireless. It is best choice for you to setup wireless connection On the Go including outdoor near the sea, on the boat, on the bus, in the mountains for camping and also outdoor temporary working groups etc.

Based on the recognizing of customers, Trend-tech will strive to work harder on bringing our customers with more International high level mobile 3G products, which will make our life and work more and more convenient, colorful and of high efficiency!