In order to offer our customer with an overall most competitive product, Trend-tech is committed to strict cost management in quality manufacturing. Benefiting from big batch raw material purchasing, strict QC system and cost-effective quality production technique, Trend-tech passes on the saving on unit products on to our valued customers and end users.


Quick Glance on Trend-tech Manufacturing                                     

Number of Production Staff:



Manufacturing Space:

5000 square meters

SMT Lines:

2 High Speed SMT Lines


Guangdong Province, CHINA


                                       Production Line                                                                                     SMT Line




Quality Manufacturing                                         
Trend-tech sticks to strict QC system and effective production efficiency throughout our manufacturing. Below is our standard production management flow chart:



Trend-tech products are compliant with the strict certification requirement for so many countries and regions. Below are the certifications we have for different countries: